It Begins

Transition in Time

Transition in Time

I have thought for a long time that I would write a book and always there was the busyness of “life” that was my excuse as I denied myself the daily practice I needed to begin. I would start and stop. I would self-judge and say, “No, that’s not it!” Then I would put it aside and have huge gaps between times of writing. It was not until last year, that I was shocked into just “being” and in this present state, I received the answer as to where to begin. It is “NOW”. So I, have been writing privately.

In 20 days, we mark a year since   receiving a phone call that would fundamentally change everything in an instant for me. The tragic accident where Sarah lost her best “mate”,Gabbie, sent our family on an unforgettable journey. This journey marks an end and a beginning in linear time. My book begins with this and will tell the story of the light and darkness that have lived within me as I embark in my own personal quest to “be” whom I am meant to be as I share my inner truth. May it help others as it helps me too. ❤


Dreaming in Doonan


The steps leading to the veranda invite a smile. The fruit shop is quiet, as is the café’. The hanging, hand-knit beanies draw Josh’s gaze. Dewdrops remain on the ramp from this morning’s rain. The staff greet the day with care and the touch of a succulent and an olive tree growing from a recycled soybean oil container catch my eye, reminding me of a place faraway, perhaps Italy or the south of France. But no, I am in Australia. The kookaburra articulates his morning songs to his mate in the canopy as we order.

The deli items entice but a sit-down breakfast is what we seek. We pick a number, woven of colourful, woolen yarn stretched over nails shaped on a wooden block. These are new and give a splash of bright tonal contrast to the bench. They sit next to the frequent coffee club box filled with cards of local customers. I am one of them and today our coffees are free! Our number is 4 and we find a table at the edge of the porch overlooking the bush. We sit facing each other and I study my son. His dreadlocks blend into his woven jacket and portray his musical nature. He looks tired despite a good nights rest. I look out and see tables scattered across the green grass leading to the road. Cars and trucks whizz past. They are oblivious to this quiet gem with fantastic coffee. The trees provide a canopy of shade.

DSC_9329A magpie swoops down and sits on a chair overseeing the food service. A customer shoos him away but he’ll be back. I am out for morning breakfast with Josh and I am grateful for his presence and this gift of time. The morning is perfect.

The tables, topped with rustic cloth, give the impression of a farm country cottage and the kitchen provides the aroma of herbs and garlic and apple and cinnamon. The atmosphere is homey and warm and welcoming.

The family staff cooks our meals. Josh picks up the sounds of the song, A “Horse With No Name”. He sings along and remembers our road-trip playlists together. As we sip our Cappuccino’s, we talk about our lives and share. Sometimes we are silent.

We hear the blender and Josh orders a juice. The books lining the shelves and the scattered art lead the eye to the tree branches attempting to enter the café from beneath the aluminium roof. They wind their branches as they enter. Flower vases balance the natural wood and the stools beside the grille whisper conversation. Breakfast is served.

Truth, Lies and Conditions

Recently the social world has become more graphic and in an underlying tone of secrecy, truth is exposed. The human intellect tends to judge and examine the stories being told and whether it is politically correct or not, we react. There is a disturbance in our soul that tells us “this just isn’t right” or “I must act upon this”. However, sometimes when we tell the truth or we react, we think after we speak and create a wave of contention and consequence that effects the masses.

The recent KONY2012 phenomena that has swept the internet with massive viewings has set off a wave of criticism, investigation and outrage. I believe that the simple act and strategy of creating attention with inspiration is a good thing. Invisible Children motivated people to speak up and to debate the greater good of humanity. There is the other side, of course and the bac

klash of negativity that accusations provide, but nonetheless, a young idealistic man created greater awareness and discussion of something big that few really thought about before now. I won’t get into the discussion of Uganda and the African turbulence that has spread past this or whether using “old” footage to create “new” awareness is right or wrong. I will explore thoughts closer to home and the idea of censorship.

Have we come so far, when lies are told publicly to protect the interest of a business, group, individual or organization? Will we allow governments and corporate leaders to control us and our freedom of speech

? The government of Australia is a “constitutional monarchy” whereby there should be balance in it’s system. Powers and procedures are defined in a written form and are to be upheld in government. The monarch is defined as the Queen of England who is head of state. There are 3 arms of Australian Government that were put in place which are the legislative or parliament, the executive and the judiciary branches.  In the United States, the government was set up as a “constitutional republic”, consisting of also a legislative, an executive and a judiciary branch. The difference would be in it’s definition of the legislative branch as bicameral consisting of 2 bodies needing to come to majority rule for change. This was setup to create a checks and balance system. However, the imbalance that exists in both of these governments is in question today.  Many laws are outdated and need to be evaluated for the times we live in now.  The world needs those that will speak for truth and put a stop to the destruction of our land, our sea and the inhabitants within. In these times, we need to support those that show respect for each other and speak for truth.

In the past few months, I have watched people stand up against dishonesty and say “no more”. The live export exposure has horrified many and created action and awareness. Turtles and Dugongs are slaughtered due to a law that allows for this to be legal in Queensland. It’s direct exposure through hidden cameras has awakened the government and citizens around the world. It seems that social media and news exposure is more graphic and there is a need for this to be so, as no one seems to listen anymore or make changes when it is done

in a politically correct fashion. A Senate Inquiry into the status, health and sustainability of the Australian koala seems to have been just an exercise as we still see no results to the truth that was exposed. Government and those hired to actually protect the environment, fail to do so as destruction accelerates. Humans rape and pillage the very land once considered sacred with a total lack of respect. I am fed up with this and want to scream out that we all need to make a difference now before it is too late. People resign from

positions they have loved, to speak their truth. They try new things and smile more as they step outside the safe box they have lived in for security and financial stability. I feel proud of them and I support their courage and risk. When I recently was asked to sign something regarding social media,  I refused. It wasn’t that I wished to be rebellious or difficult.  I just believe that I have enough education and awareness to think before I act and I carry respect for those around me as to be able to discern what is best in a given situation. If I write something or share a photo that is seen on the internet, I do not wish to be told by others that I cannot do this. I will seek out permission when creating or publishing my work and be respectful of the policies that exist to guard against misuse but I am willing to take the risk to be autonomous in my actions. It is a very different world we live in now and I understand that much has gotten out of hand in regards to ownership and control. People are disillusioned and often speak out before thinking of the consequences of their actions. They lack respect and feel disrespected. Many humans bend or break rules because of fear, as organisations and businesses, try to gain greater control versus cooperation. I see this as a failing of a system set up with balance that has tipped in the wrong direction.  It is difficult to recover the equilibrium. It requires placing our egos aside for the greater good and greater effective communication. It requires working together as a team, not separation and control.

As I drove home last night, there was discussion of a painting and an award won for a piece of art. This piece of art titled “Port Arthur” by Rodney Pople depicted a piece of history in Tasmania that is disturbing and heartwrenching. 35 people were murdered and 21 injured by Martin Bryant who is depicted in the surreal painting by the artist.  The discussions on the radio ranged from greater understanding of mental illness, to outrage that this piece of art exists. Is art not a subjective interpretation left to the eye of the beholder just as written word is an expressive medium to be explored? If we censor what people may view because it is uncomfortable are we not taking away our rights and freedoms? These questions are those that I ponder on a rainy morning in Australia. Something needs to change.

I will continue to speak my truth and stand up for what I believe is right. My passion for those without a voice is clear and I will honor them in my words and actions. I may be knocked down at times, but I will pick myself up and stand true every time, every day, forever.