Things Change


In October 2014 I travelled to Borneo to witness firsthand what is happening to the rainforests that support these fragile animals. My tour was short and encompassed only a portion of the story. There is much yet to be learned. The incredible respect and hospitality of the lovely people we met will remain in my heart for the rest of my life. Dayak people and the Orangutans that live amongst them fill me with hope as do the “warriors” striving to create change. Like koalas, they make me want to continue in my efforts to speak up for the voiceless in this life.

Orang-utans are hanging by a delicate thread of imbalance and are threatened in the wild forests they call home. Over 80% of the rainforests in which they live have been destroyed. Their needs to be greater accountability for the decline in Orang utans within these forests. The Dayak people are working to do something different and they are fighting back with ingenuity and permaculture principals. There is a line of disagreement between  groups as to “sustainable” Palm Oil and many arrows have been shot in these polarities. Can there really be such a thing as “sustainable” palm oil? Or not?? There seems to be a very distinct polar divide between the two ideas and yet can there not be a compromise and an ability to forgive and move forward creating solutions together? Through the efforts of a few, may these efforts become many and may we see the change that we need to see for the future of a species. There is no time to point fingers and there is no time to waste. There is time to work together.

I accompanied the “Rise of the Eco-Warriors” team and photographed and witnessed the workings of the small villages of the Dayak people in West Kalimantan, Borneo. We lived in a Long House. We shared time and meals and there were challenges to be faced. I was challenged with equipment issues. My camera lens broke. My computer stuffed up and tiny little ants crawled out of the laptop which led to hard-drive failure. Perhaps there was a message in this!  When I returned, I was not sure if I could recover my photos, but thankfully, I did and I am grateful for the smiles these images bring today. I had no idea how this experience would affect my life, or how profound it would be. It is only now, when I put together the puzzle of this past year, that I can see. For me, Borneo was an escape and yet also a reminder of what is truly important.

As you fly over hectares and hectares of rainforest destroyed, you see the wake of dead and degraded soil unable to sustain life, human or animal alike. Waters:poisoned! Trees: burnt and Co2 waste escaping into the atmosphere! Climate change is profoundly impacted by this destructive process to produce cheap oil for human consumption. Do we “need” these products that are contributing to this destruction? I think not,as I line my shelves with products that do no harm but many do not even understand the impact of their decisions as a consumer in today’s modern world. I live with less as did the people in these villages. Through their simplicity and their way of life, I listened and I learned. We swam in the cool rushing river with the children. There was a great rhythm and flow to every day. There was also spontaneity and joy in shared value without any language necessary to comprehend. We waded and played in the waters after the rain. We laughed. We cried. We connected. We lived!

When we left the village of Tembak, we were able to give.One of the women’s tribal leaders, “Imu” Florentina, was very ill with the devastating effects of cancer. We were able to give her transport and help to raise funds to ensure the surgery she required. It is though such efforts that Countries connect and a shared journey becomes one.

I see parallels in my work in Australia with koalas. In order to be a part of speaking out for our wildlife, we must be brave and bold and this can be difficult. I rebel against the protocols and procedure and bureaucratic regulations that prevent change. We can only see effective change when we look for new ways with respect to “old” values. Our fast paced world has often forgotten these as we are a world out of balance. With each new government change, we must start again and look to be better. As time is ticking, there is no better time than the present to stand up and be heard!  We are all connected and the only way forward is to collectively make a difference. Let’s take “ego” out of the equation and do better in Conservation Circles. This chance will be had as we meet this week to discuss a “Koala Protection Act”. I look forward to meeting with others that care “doing what is best for koalas”. I can only hope that these collective ideas formed and efforts made will lead to a better future. Hope, Truth and Belief are the keys.

On November 28th 2014, everything changed in our family in a way that we had not imagined.  Through tragedy and trauma and blunt awareness, we all realise that the only time is now! In an instant, everything can change forever. That is for next time….

In the meantime, you may enjoy reading more about this amazing trip below from fellow travellers or contribute just $1 to help support one of my friends that is going back! The choice is yours!


Weaving the Web of Forgiveness


The dogs led us along the riverbanks to the steps of a favourite café’.  Crowds of tourists littered the beach on a sunny day and I saw an associate sipping her coffee up on the deck engaged in conversation. As I joined her for a quick “hello” her introduction was curt but polite as the dogs watched from below. What had caused this change in her? Why was she avoiding eye contact? Until now, I hadn’t really thought much about recent excuses given. I was busy and had other things on my mind. My senses heightened, I returned to the walk with my husband and the animals, quiet and pensive.  

We are setting up an Alliance. It doesn’t have a name yet, but it is a part of a greater move to inspire people to work together. It is a time to break out of the old mold and do something new so it is exciting. I feel positive yet challenged.  With transformative energy, there will always be transitions. Transitions are imperative to success and they create a shift in the mindset. So why do we fight this? Why do we take 2 steps forward and one step back? We do this because we are afraid of change and we do this because of ego.

Ego is something that we all hang onto. It can serve us well or it can attack the very fabric of success we seek. Sometimes it catches you off guard. If you look at leaders who drop ego, some can let go better than others. Those that inspire me most are often selfless but the selfless are few and far between lately.  Frankly, this frustrates the hell out of me. The closer we get to change, the more the pendulum swings in and out of balance. When we hold on tight to old ways and dig our heels in, we block the energy to move forward. Each time I am knocked down I learn. I don’t pretend these lessons are easy or that I handle them well. Sometimes I am a downright mess!!! My family has to pick up the pieces and lift me up and I am grateful for their support. Passion drives me to go on primarily for the koalas but that is another story.

I was let down by someone whom I considered a friend. I was emotionally fragile after the event and it continued to revisit me through little reminders such as this chance meeting at a café’. Although I knew that this person before me was involved, I wish it were not so. Her actions were based on a festering wound unhealed that I was no part of. I became her scapegoat. Behind my back the non-confrontational spirit of bitterness led to deceit and destruction. As the tangled web of lies, hurts and frustrations were revealed and apologies exchanged, an understanding was reached.  There is a bit of madness to it all.  I choose to forgive, I will be cautious in future. That is all I can do. It is counterproductive to dwell on it all.  I walk away and I see the false smile in the insecurity of a bruised ego. I am watching my back as we re-weave the web that was unraveled.

Jane Goodall states, “We are unraveling the web of life.” This rings true in all aspects of life yet if we work together, we can change this. I want to be a part of this change!  Don’t you?