Stream of Consciousness Today

The kookaburra sits above me, majestic and true. His early morning call brings his mate to see what the early dewdrops upon the fresh blanket of falling leaves have stirred up. The chooks forage and find a juicy worm and the kooka swoops down to see if she will share. No luck today as “Bobby” gobbles it up and moves on. This is all in a morning of antics, the wild world I live in on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.
Our home is in the hinterland and away from the sea yet the birds we see often make their way from the
salty air to our garden and have a rest. One particular bird nearly got our chickens the other day but luckily they sought shelter and Rachel made her presence known to avert the gaze of this predatory wonder. She described it as “really big”, Grey and brown and very fast! I imagine it was likely to have been a Black Kite or a Brown Goshawk.
Since then, the chickens are more reticent and stay closer to the house, only seeking the immediate confines of the gardens closest. They must always be on high alert because there are many risk factors for ground birds in a habitat full of bush predators eager for an easy meal.
GoannaGoannas often stalk the area looking for eggs and the Carpet Pythons have been regular visitors as well. Carpet Python

The seasonal changes bring new adventures and risks. The bird that nearly swooped “Bobby” away and had “Cotton Top” missing in action for a day is just one of many we are likely to see here. Chookas Overhead, there have been Sulfur Crested Cockatoos and a few days ago I was fortunate to witness 2 Glossy Blacks squawking as they passed above the canopy. From the tiniest wren to the Tawny Frogmouth, all have been welcome visitors as we share their space. Each day I try to take the time to notice and be grateful for all that is around me. I fear that one day, our children and grandchildren will not be able to witness such wonder as the world is full of greed and need and lacks the balance that once was. Every morning I get up and hope that what I do will make a difference.

I love living here amongst the birds and the critters as well as with my own animals.We live in balance and harmony as everyone gets along and looks out for one another. When I study the animals, I realize how very lucky I am to witness their wonder. The ultimate trust is won when they choose to be just inquisitive enough to check me out and stay close without fear for awhile. That is the balance I live in and it feels like home. Time to grab the camera!

Autumn in Australia



Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

When heading out to the target, a distraction can occur in just a split second! Surprise! It is “Cookie” and what a distraction she is forever running into the zone. She brings joy and distress and keeps us on our toes. Perspective changes. She rushes through the shooting zone and the arrow misses the target as we fall into fits of laughter! Pure joy she is!Image


Good Karma

Three Angels DSC_8640 Fun  Respect Fear  Connection  Beauty  Peace  Love

I received a call from my beautiful friend Charlie and she asked me if I knew anyone who wanted a puppy! She was racing out the door to rescue two beautiful souls that a breeder was planning to discard because they were not good enough! How can any human being decide who is “good enough” and throw away a perfectly open and loving soul as if they were a piece of rubbish?

Charlie arrived at the breeder’s house and as she went towards the puppies, she heard another sound coming from a crate in the corner. Alas, another puppy with a lump on her head poked her little head out when she opened the lid. She too, was scooped up and brought to her home, free from the cruelty and abuse she had endured. Nestled together, the 3 little beings were safe and sound and spent a night watching the television, warm and dry and safe.

When she sent me the photos, I spread the word and found a perfect home for 2 out of the 3 puppies. My friend, Vanda, had just lost her older Tenterfield Terrier and although she hadn’t planned to get a new dog so soon, she and her housemate decided that this was a sign and they agreed to have little “Hansel” and “Gretel”.  We decided to “foster” care for the other.

This is how “Karma” came into our life.

The day was warm and we met Charlie and her family in a park in Kilcoy. Her little girls held the puppies and said their good-byes after a play and we drove off with the lot of them. As Shirl drove, Vanda and I held the little bundles and they slept soundly. Karma rested her little head upon my leg and sighed softly. I stroked her and told her she would be safe. Little did I know, the adventures we would have!

We introduced this tiny little girl to our dogs and cats slowly as to not risk any problems and the first introduction went well. Everyone seemed to adapt quickly. In those first few days, I decided to keep her. Rex agreed and the kids were thrilled. All was going well and the little troublesome puppy was into everything! We all took our turns in caring for this amazing little being. I found myself with very little time to get things done, as she required constant supervision. I slowed down. I lacked sleep. Day after day, little Karma had me laughing, crying and testing me, as she opened my heart and soul. It was like having another baby in the house and she was lovely.

Rex gave me a series of flowers for Valentines Day. Karma thought that they would be fun to chew! I witnessed her vomiting all day, fearful that the leaves were poisonous but discovered they were only “mildly” toxic.  I took her into the vet’s with a petal to identify. They said: beware of lilies!  Rachel gave me some of these so I raced home to remove them from her path.  She was eating everything!!!!!!  Yikes!

Well, that phase ended and all seemed to be going well. We began training and walking on a lead and going to the beach. We met Lucy, who was interested in her. She had chooks and a kitten for Karma to play with. She agreed to watch her while I worked so we found the solution to leaving her alone. Our cats became her friends and she tested the waters and chased the chickens. They chased her back and taught her respect. She made us all smile.

Our dogs reacted to Karma in 2 very different ways. Windsor struggled to really embrace her.  He snarled and bared his teeth when she came near and when she kept trying to jump all over his nose as he slept. We watched him closely because she did not seem to fear those teeth or the growl. She continued to try to engage him in “puppy play”. He had none of that! One morning, not 10 days after the “poison flower” incident, his warnings became truth and he bit her head! She came squealing and yipping from where Windsor lay and a huge hematoma appeared before my eyes! Josh, Sarah and I raced her to the vets and she was taken in urgently for an exam and a day in intensive Care. I felt so angry towards my “old” dog and so disappointed. I couldn’t believe that he would be so violent.

We brought Karma home with the news that she had an “old” fracture from where she had been hit by the breeder but the “new” injury caused no deep harm. Cookie was concerned and lay with my injured little pup, alongside Sarah. Windsor kept his distance. I began realizing that we would likely have to find her a home where she was safe. This broke my heart. I asked Lucy but she was unsure with a new kitten and a busy life.  I had spoken to other friends that wanted a dog so I called them as well. They said that they were still interested and that they would come by to see her. Time passed.

Trips to the beach and more training saw Karma growing and adapting and being a bit more careful with Windsor. He, too seemed to be a bit more tolerant. I began to think again that maybe this would work and we could keep her. Then, he snapped one more time and Karma finally learned a bit more, but for how long? I called my friends again and they came by…. Yesterday.

And fell in love!!!!

Last night, my heart felt ripped out of my chest. She was gone!  We went out to dinner and walked the beach and tears flowed. We got the report that she was doing well and that she was a little gift of sunshine into the lives of her new owners.

My son Josh’ status on facebook:

“She is an angel, blessed is anyone who meets her J” So true this statement is.

As this family grieves the loss of her physical presence, her memory and the love she brings to many is the story that continues. More adventures will be had and told.

Blessings, Love and Peace my little beauty. As my heart swells and aches and overflows with tears, they shine the light that brings a smile in your name. Travel well my little Karma. You will bring love and light to many and I am so grateful that you came into my life and that you live!

DSC_8924Rachel and Karma