Midnight in a Jacaranda

FullSizeRender-3Lately it has been cold and Midnight likes to find a warm place to lie in the sun and soak up that vitamin D without a GSD in his face so he is getting creative.

Vincent Van Gogh went to Wunderdogs where he will socialize with his friends and come home one exhausted teenager (this really helps with the naughty escapes he has been cleverly achieving!)


Cookie has some one on one time with me going for a walk at the beach and lounging in the sun with a bone (again – no naughty teenager to steal it away even though he has his own!)

IMG_3153Then there is Angel who lounges from one laundry pile to another whilst Midnight looks for that perfect spot. Today that spot was high in a Jacaranda tree like a black panther!

I hear barking and go out to find Midnight meowing hideously at the top of a tree over 10 metres up! Cookie remains at the base of the tree telling him to come down very vocally and we begin to call that petrified cat as he negotiates “how”. He is afraid to come down and requires a little coaxing but is eager to reunite with his humans. He jumps from tree to tree. He slides down the stringy bark and flips around backing up until he can feel my hand. He meows! He jumps to safety and darts into the house with Cookie quick on his tail!

He is now grounded and attached to the table whilst I fold the never-ending laundry pile purring gratefully to be home.

All in the Animal Adventures at the Halverson’s ❤


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