Memories and Trust



A year ago, I hugged you for the last time and little did I know that your light and the warmth of that hug would have to stay within me as a memory, a smile and a footprint upon my heart. I see that smile as though it were yesterday. I see it in the life events that you will not witness or share with my daughter. The pain is fresh. Your eyes sparkle.

Tears flow in our collective hug this morning. Today we wave our children goodbye once again and you are not there. Others are missing as well and it is such a shame that they will not be able to experience the healing with you in this week that lies ahead. I wish them strength and courage to step beyond their fear. Our children will not be far and yet every day they will be on our minds. As parents, we will continue our journey and be connected by it all. Where fear could come in, I choose Love and forgiveness and understanding in the aftermath of this tragedy. There lies trust and a tug upon my heart to remember and to honour.

Be well, my beautiful girl and fully embrace the spirit within you. Help others and be helped when you need it. Do not be afraid.

A picture of tiny shoes and those left scattered by the shoe rack remind me of your first steps so long ago and now you are no longer new to this. Tread lightly and leave only footprints behind as they etch a memory upon your camping soul. Remember the man who instilled resilience and courage within. Be present in every moment.

They are watching and the light shines down upon you today and forever. We will be here with the lights on and the candles burning awaiting your return. ❤


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