Upworthy and Free


Upworthy and Free

Today I woke up and the air was crisp. The cats were snuggled up one on each side and “Cookie” was at my feet. Rex said goodbye and off he went to travel north. I could have gone back to sleep but my mind was active and inspired by 2 stories I came across.

I have been silent for a bit as life and koalas have drawn me away. The dividing lines are being drawn like warfare in government and corporate driven economy all around me yet the people are standing up and speaking their truths with passion. It seems two steps forward and one step back yet we learn with each mistake and we move forward nonetheless. Old ways are changing and this transition is difficult for some. It means we must step out of apathy and the status quo of consumerism and greed and stand up for our basic rights. We live a bit more simply and we learn to connect again in profound ways. It reminds me of the 60’s and 70’s when I was growing up and I am grateful. People are drawing together in common cause and this is strengthening the community. There are bridges between the causes that connect us all.
I believe, that through principals of kindness and authenticity, the truth will be told and the world will continue shifting. It won’t be easy but we will have fun along the way! Our blogs and our connections will be the true media of the future and the corporate owned twisted stories will be transparent. Writing gives us freedom to express our inner selves so I have decided that I have waited too long!
Today is the day I start my book and these are the stories that inspired me to begin.

The first is “A Nine Year Lesson in Bravery” by my good friend Joell.

We learn so much when one close to us dies and there are times when even those we know not too well, catch our hearts and we are touched deep within our souls. Thank you Gabriela. I remember your smile and the fire in your soul.


The second story is one that I connected to deeply as I watched the TED talk by Amanda Palmer.

Amanda is honest and true and she lives with less fear than most outwardly. She is authentic and raw so you get a glimpse of the true yearning within as she walks us through her truth.

I am on a journey that is taking me places I have never discovered before within myself. It is exciting! It is frightening! and… It is real!
We live in the molds we create for ourselves because it is rare that we feel safe. I recognize this because I have recently felt fearful and this was foreign to me albeit but a few times in my 52 years. I am stepping out of the mold.


May you all be inspired today and may your actions be true and authentic. Off I go to begin……


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