Anniversary Muses

DSC_6855What do I do after a lovely gluten free vegan breakfast of apple pancakes and champagne served by my lovely 18yo daughter? Grab the chalk, write on the back patio, dance and take a few photos, of course! I get distracted by facebook watching an upworthy video of saving the rainforest


and post said photos to thank my husband for putting up with me all these years and then turn off the computer again and try to ignore my phone! Sometimes the serious nature of what I am attempting to do whilst getting paid nothing, diverts me and challenges me to do even more!!!!!! But today, on the Anniversary of our marriage, I will STOP and go walk the beach and take a hike in the rain and remember that what is most important are those that we live with that have our back and pick us up when we are down and give us the memories to write the stories of our past, our present and our future! ❤

I am grateful!


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