Writerly Reflections: Rain

A rainy day inspires me to write and it always has. There is something so cosy about brewing a cup of tea, setting up my workspace and beginning the process. Beginning, however is what is most difficult for me. I awoke this morning keen to write but I had other things that I must attend to first. I had much on my mind.  I cleared the incoming emails and answered those that were most important. I cleaned the house up a bit. I meditated. I did yoga. I spent time with the animals. Ideas kept swirling around my head and the inspirations kept coming, yet I struggled to begin.



As I sit in silence on my bed with my laptop open, the rain falls softly outside the screen door window. My fingers touch the keyboard and I look into the bush where the birds are singing. I feel as though I am being watched and it is true!  There is a kookaburra perched upon the lamppost just outside the door peering in at me. I thank him for being there with me. What a blessing! His feathers are covered in raindrops and he looks disheveled yet inquisitive. He swoops down and pulls out a giant worm and devours it before me, then flies off into the bush satisfied. I am distracted again and I go and grab my camera, in case he returns. I think about the past couple of weeks and all that has happened. I think about animals and their food. I think of humans and where will their food come from when water is a luxury. Of course, I think about koalas!!!!!!

Queensland has been in drought and the farmers are crying. Their dams have run dry. I no longer eat meat so this does not effect me much but I think of the poor animals starving and the land that they graze upon that is shrivelled up and dying. I pray for their welfare and that they do not suffer. I believe there is a better way. My small herb garden is taking shape and I have learned about “wicked” gardens from my friend Judy, which I will use to plant my winter vegetables.Judy's Garden These gardens are likely to become a way for future home growers to provide food and nourishment in the droughts. Climate change… what climate change? Right! (head shaking up and down in sarcastic vane).

This week I drove north and was fortunate enough to see a couple of koalas and give a small tour to David Strassman so that he could witness the beauty of these animals in the wild. He took time from his busy tour and this will help Queensland Koala Crusaders Inc. in our quest to raise funds for land and sanctuary. I am grateful for Tegan and her quiet inspiration that touched my daughter. Dave Strussman and tedEbare with 2 young Koala Crusaders!It was hot and humid and rain was threatening but not coming to fruition. We walked the bush in Tinana and it wasn’t too difficult to find the koalas, thanks to our expert spotter Natalie who gave us a tip! Koalas are still fairly numerous here, but their numbers have been greatly reduced and some are sick. This next breeding season may lead to their tipping point. TornadoPassing the Time That is why we must act timely and strategically.  I am so grateful for the many that are coming onboard and who are working collaboratively. Our efforts will lead to a better place for animals and humans alike. One day, our kids and our grandkids will look back and see the efforts of those of us who care deeply and put our own needs aside to do better for ALL, and hopefully see that these efforts made the difference that saved the koala and all animals living underneath their umbrella. 

We cannot depend upon government and we can only each do our individual best. We can live more simply and use less. We can be grateful and we can be kind. This starts in our families and with our relationships and it spreads further as we live authentically. We may stumble and we may fall but all we can do is try. As the rain washes the earth, may it cleanse us all and lead us to a place of peace and harmony. It’s time for me to go out and dance in the rain!


Anniversary Muses

DSC_6855What do I do after a lovely gluten free vegan breakfast of apple pancakes and champagne served by my lovely 18yo daughter? Grab the chalk, write on the back patio, dance and take a few photos, of course! I get distracted by facebook watching an upworthy video of saving the rainforest


and post said photos to thank my husband for putting up with me all these years and then turn off the computer again and try to ignore my phone! Sometimes the serious nature of what I am attempting to do whilst getting paid nothing, diverts me and challenges me to do even more!!!!!! But today, on the Anniversary of our marriage, I will STOP and go walk the beach and take a hike in the rain and remember that what is most important are those that we live with that have our back and pick us up when we are down and give us the memories to write the stories of our past, our present and our future! ❤

I am grateful!

Objects of Importance

DSC_6817 Feeling restless and without direction, I seek something outside myself to inspire me. I long to travel outside my world and to escape, to a place of peace and quiet yet also full of adventure; to be “in the moment”. I long to be with animals and not people, as people have a way of distracting me and annoying me, especially those I love the most! Having been raised as an only child, I seek refuge and solace when I am rarely alone.

Rex drives off and I am finally alone in the house. I step outside and I breathe deeply. I bring my camera along and take off my necklace and I hang it with the flags in my garden. I take a photo of the Buddha around my neck.  This gives me inspiration after a long morning and a week of distraction.

I am a traveler grounded by a loyalty that sets me apart. I care too deeply and I feel too strongly and I yearn for a sense of belonging while feeling lost.  This past week, both of my daughters told me that they cared too much and that they wished they could “feel” less and not be so affected by those around them. I feel their pain as I often ask myself that same question. It is easy as a parent to self doubt and to question: Could I have done it better? (I can be the master of this one on a regular basis.)  It has been my life’s work, to raise 3 children in a complicated world seeking simplicity and balance.  Our lives have never been simple as we are all passionate and dedicated in our interests.  When my children are going through a difficult time, I ask myself; “Could I possibly have done more to help give them more resilience? In my open attachment style ways, did I perhaps create an imbalance? Were our moves to much? Could we be different and still be as driven by our passion to make changes and to live authentically together?”  I am not sure. Our adventures have provided us with perspective that is different, yet also place us on the outside looking in. We look to “objects” and “others” to bring happiness and hope, yet doesn’t happiness and hope live on because we choose it? If we look outside ourselves and within, perhaps the true answers are there, waiting to be discovered.  

What object inspires you?  Today’s object that inspires me, is a representation and a memory of a moment in time when a smile crossed my lips.  This necklace was given to me by my son and I cherish it and what it represents. This piece of art was created by nature and man from the pinecone footprint of a Santa Cruz Pine tree after a forest fire. It’s cross section was inscribed with love and peace and it is a one of a kind token. I am not per se, a buddhist but I try to practice principals of kindness. (I do not always succeed.)  Each day is a new lesson.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

When heading out to the target, a distraction can occur in just a split second! Surprise! It is “Cookie” and what a distraction she is forever running into the zone. She brings joy and distress and keeps us on our toes. Perspective changes. She rushes through the shooting zone and the arrow misses the target as we fall into fits of laughter! Pure joy she is!Image