Far Away

When our children are little, it is so hard to imagine the day that they will be leaving home and creating their own life, solo. Time flies and you travel along and one day you wake up and that day is there. They have their wings to fly!
I have to say that my journey with my eldest has been amazing thus far. Until a year ago he gave me little trouble and made mostly all the right decisions to guide his life. I so often glowed with an inner pride and felt my heart would burst. Since then, there have been stumbling blocks and disagreements between us and I have missed the times when we could just talk and share wisdom. I miss him now as he travels abroad. However, my heart still swells with the pride only a mother can feel. It also swells with angst and worry at times and I try to let that person inside me guide towards positive reflection so that I can stay balanced and centered.
Today, I helped my eldest daughter Rachel with her preparations for her future and it brought me back to a couple of years ago, when we first came to Australia. Josh, at that time, was so sure of his future and where he wanted to go, he knew exactly what he wanted to achieve and he went for it! Within months in a new country, he became school captain and his mission was to save the koala! He worked hard in his studies and achieved his International Baccalaureate and he was Young Volunteer of the Year. He was active in drama and he burned the candle at both ends (somewhat like his mother). This last year he has done the same but in a different light. He worked 2 jobs and saved for a gap year trip abroad. He broke away from “home” even though he still lived here, his priorities shifted and he grew and changed. He now travels and reflects and revisits his past to find his future. It is a great opportunity! I hope that all of his dreams come true and that he comes to know what direction is next on the compass point of his life right now. As he spreads his wings, may he always know that home is where the heart is!


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